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Ok, so in ten days time Supanova will be on again in Sydney! And I am really pumped

I am still preparing my Cosplay of Genderbent Garnet from Steven Universe, which I will wear on the Friday and maybe the Saturday.

A reason for my excitement ( other than the convention being a really great and fun time ) is that I have known for a few months now that Sean Schemmel is going to be there, the amazing English voice of Goku from Dragon Ball Z  as well as a ton of other anime ( I am a huge Dragon Ball fan, like all of the series, Db, DBZ, DBGT, DBS  ett )  but I found out yesterday that Christopher Sabat is going to be there as well also a great voice actor and the voice of Vegeta from DBZ.

So now I have made it my personal mission to not only meet them, but get an autograph or two, and definitely some pics ( I am trying to prepare myself not to totally fan-gasm and make a complete fool out of myself, but even now just thinking about it I am getting excited to meet them XD )
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