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Equestria Girls Next Generation Fanfiction: Adam by FFiamgoku Equestria Girls Next Generation Fanfiction: Adam by FFiamgoku
An awesome commission by :iconangeliccmadness: angeliccmadness of my OC Adam from my new fanfic 'Equestria Girls Next Generation' 

Which can be viewed on, here Equestria Girls Next Generation

I've known about the MLP fandom for many years, several of my friends are in it, however I only recently really got into it personally, and found myself enjoying it, especially the 'Equestria Girls' film series. 

The fanfic revolves around the human Mane 6 in the human world, many years after the films having children of their own. My OC Adam is the main character, and the eldest child of Applejack Applejack EqG (eat) plz  Applejack EqG (Yep) plz EqG Applejack (Spit take Reaction) Plz Human Applejack Huh? Emoticon.  (Note: In the story, Applejack's human last name is 'Daniels' )

Here is the stories current official description: Set in the Equestria Girls universe,years have passed and now the human Mane 6 all have teenage children of their own, and they're attending canterlot high. However after an accident, Applejack's son finds himself pulled into a magical misadventure, but how is that possible,there hasn't been Magic in their world in years? It seems dark forces are aspiring against both world's.

So yeah, the story starts off in the human world, but due to some magical mishaps, Equestria will be appearing in future chapters. I have the first stories bare plot worked out as well as a sequel.

In the story, Adam is Australian (on his father's side) and doesn't speak with the southern drawl his mother, or younger sister 'Honeycrisp' do. He is friends with the other children of the human mane 6, especially Rainbow Striker, the son of Rainbow Dash, and the only other guy in their circle of friends. 

More artwork related to the fanfic:

Equestria Girls Next Generation: Applejack by FFiamgoku Equestria Girls Next Generation:Applejack and Adam by FFiamgoku
bbb35 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2017
I love it even more, cause Adam is my name :D
I like his design!
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